Internet and Digital Media

At Eptalex, we aid the specialists and innovators that are shaping our future by helping them respond to developments in a rapidly changing environment. Our lawyers can guide you through complex issues like user driven media, evolving business models and regulations for content providers, and the role of video communication and collaboration tools in a connected world.

Our diverse and multinational team provides timely, industry-focused advice on the use of digital media and online distribution channels with content licensing, defamation, access to content and regulations in academic and employment settings. We can also draft comprehensive click wrap agreements like EULA, US and EU compliant privacy policies, data protection policies, and website and mobile application terms and conditions.

Our attorneys assist a variety of domestic and international clients such as banks, financial institutions, internet service providers and global corporations in bringing tech solutions to their businesses like as payment gateways, electronic payment solutions including clearing and settlement, electronic commerce, internet related services and technological tenders. We also provide guidance to clients seeking venture capital financing including management control, governance and strategy planning.

If you need a team to take you another step deeper into the internet and digital media, we also handle agreements for the following:

  • Website development and hosting
  • Domain name
  • Development, publishing and distribution
  • Content supply
  • Content development and transfer
  • Content licensing (photo, video, music, text…).
  • User generated content
  • Rights clearance
  • Picture and name releases
  • Trademark license/assignment
  • Graphics license
  • Software license
  • Audiovisual streaming downloading license
  • VOD license
  • Non-disclosure