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Eptalex attorneys ensure that all of our clients, whether they are start-ups or global corporations, operate their business with utmost efficiency and profitability. They offer their significant experience working with the relevant tax authorities and often share with clients their wealth of knowledge on the inner-workings of such authorities. They also develop and implement strategies that assist foreign residents to find the most tax-efficient way to operate under the relevant domestic laws and international treaties.

The main goal of the taxation team is to maximize each client’s profits by properly and efficiently applying tax laws in areas such as real estate, commercial business, inheritance, stamp duty and income as well as sales or value added taxes.

Eptalex regularly establishes tax-efficient structures for regional and international clients to suit their particular requirements, whether by taking advantage of the beneficial tax regime in various countries, combined with favorable double taxation agreements or simply by assisting our clients to form their new company in the most appropriate country.

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